I have a bachelor’s degree in composition. Before the English Concertina my main instruments was the piano, synthesizer, accordion, harmonium and I also did some singing in popular music. When i started with the Concertina I put all instruments aside and started to focus only in the Concertina.

I work in a center where we have dance, music and yoga classes, although we are not having music classes for now. We make yoga, meditation and arts retreats and also make presentations periodically in theaters and other cultural spaces with the students and other artists. We started this center about 10 years ago.

Before that I used to play with bands and also made some works with a children’s theater group as a musician.

I also joined a group that played Irish music with Brazilian rhythms, that was a super experience, it was right after this period that i started to play the English Concertina.

Here are some recordings.

Pedro Soares Lyra – Caminhada – Composed and recorded in 2006.
Pedro Soares Lyra – Índigo – Composed in 2007 and recorded in 2009 in a festival in Minas Gerais.
Rehearsal of Beethoven’s Piano and Violin Sonata 4. 2010.
Playing choro (Doce de Coco) in Sesi Rio Vermelho Theater. 2013
Playing choro (Tico Tico) in Sesi Rio Vermelho Theater. 2013
Playing choro (Pedacinhos do Céu) in Sesi Rio Vermelho Theater. 2013.

I started to make some reels on Instagram demonstrating how the English Concertina sounds with Brazilian Music, i think you should check it.